D.L. Mayfield

living in the upside-down kingdom

1 Week without Facebook

Week 1 without Facebook is going pretty good. The highlights:

1. Not feeling bad about my life (because I am not comparing it to hundreds of others).

2. No longer thinking of expereinces in terms of status updates.

3. More time for reading (which I really have utillized. So many good things are in books!!!!!!)


The lowlights:

1. Spending a little too much time on Twitter. Not a ton, because I am unsure how to use it correctly, but enough so that it feels like I am just once again filling up my empty space.

2. Crickets. The sound of crickets in my in-box and my phone. Which makes me feel . . . not super awesome.



The lack of interaction with people due to not being on FB is a little bothersome. I am feeling a teensy bit lonely, not having my brain filled up with the minutia of everybody else's life. Also: I HATE talking on the phone, so I think I must get over that. But the deeper questions of what types of relationships I hunger for (real, authentic, challenging) and how do I go about building those--those certainly haven't been answered in a week.

It has been pretty wonderful, however, to dedicate more time to to Jesus, the husband, the baby, and my family. Which makes me realize that I have got some pretty fantastical stuff going on.


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