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Super Short

An update:

Since I wrote about the baby not walking here on the internets, she has decided to prove me wrong. For the past several days she has been taking a few steps every day. We are still not running around, but that image is now a distinct possibility. Yay!

Also, after I got all spiritual about our ghetto workout room, of course my Somali friend had to come and egg me on when I was running the other day. She stayed and talked to me for 20+ minutes, about anything that popped into her head. My favorite: "You are getting too skinny. Your husband is going to run away from you. You will get so skinny he doesn't even know you, so that is why he will run away."

Thanks, I guess?


All in all this has been a pretty anxiety-filled week. Which leads to sleepless nights and bleary mornings and possibly eating-entire-pans-of-brownies (I'm just saying). Our future is still as uncertain as ever, and I get a little despondent when I don't know what it is exactly I am supposed to be dreaming about. 


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