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Guest Blog

So I got the chance to guest blog for my new internet-friend Jessica over at her blog. She is one of the founders of this amazing non-profit called Hill Country Hill Tribers. I have heard of this organization since last year, and I am just in awe. Burmese refugees in Austin, TX, are making some of the most beautiful jewelry out there! I seriously have a girl crush on Jessica, and not just because she is awesome and enjoys spending all her free time teaching ESL classes to refugee moms. You can check out the guest blog here; it is a nice summary of my thoughts as of late.

Speaking of non-profits, one of my Bhutanese neighbors maybe/sorta wants to start her own small business. She is an amazing crochet-er (is that a word?) but many of her products would be  . . . difficult to market in Portland (she favors intense color combinations and things like TV covers from the 1960s). But she does make some killer baby turbans.

I am not rushing into anything, but I want to help in any way that I can. Here is my baby in one of the turbans:

Seriously, I need some more opinions. Do you think we could sell these in Portland? Would you buy your baby a turban?

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