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tunnel vision

I am sure I will wrap up my thoughts on the Great Lent Experiment next week, but here is what I have to say about the no-stress week: it was stressful. So it was a great one to practice prayer and rest and meditation.

I was really glad to be on spring break--the hubs and I haven't had more than one night a week together in ages--but the baby is like in one constant meltdown when she is awake (teething? or she got really used to drinking juice and watching elmo all day while sick and can't handle the return to normal life) and the weather is so so so horrible there is no place for us to go. I literally did not leave my apartment the last two days. Oh wait, I did go to Safeway once. The baby charmed everybody with her fake crying (sarcasm).

I do like reading on this blog the little tidbits I write about the baby now and again because it reminds me: nothing lasts forever. Sure, she woke up at 4:30am yesterday and never went back to sleep. That doesn't mean she will do that the rest of her life.

Sure, next week I go back to work and our horrid alternating-nights schedule starts back up--but the hubs is graduating in June and who knows what the summer (and beyond!) hold.

Sure, I accidentally dyed my hair late 1990s magenta (all I need is a pair of olive green Doc Martins and a chain necklace and it is like I am 15 again). But it will wash out (here's to counting the 28 washes).

That's why I like to write so much, I think. Because I forget about the long game, all the time. But the baby won't always be upset with the world, we won't always be busy every night, my hair won't always look atrocious. Things will go back to normal, or as normal as they ever were in our case.

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