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Find Your True Calling

I am super, super excited to be joining a team of excellent writers over at A Deeper Story. The tagline is "tales of Christ and Culture". A couple of my favorite lady-bloggers write over there, and I am honored to be a part.

Today I am writing about about our future, and reveal a big step I made recently . . . expect me to be writing more about this, ok? And expect support letters soon (J/K. Or . . . maybe not?). Of course, I somehow managed to sneak in a little such-and-such about Oprah. Just like I do.

It would thrill my nervous little heart if you felt like heading over and checking it out (and maybe commenting?). This feels pretty legit. I have a headshot and everything (and I look a little pissed, which is funny).

Ok, time to get back to worrying frantically praying patiently waiting for our next grand adventure.

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