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Busy internet writing week. Yesterday I wrote a little piece on the Mennonite cookbook that changed my life for Deeper Story (read it here). It is great to be reminded of all the people who have been living well for many, many years before us. The organization we just joined was dissatisfied with how burnout has become an acceptable part of ministry to the broken, and looked to history to find people who had been doing this well and sustainably for their entire lives: enter the friars (this is also the appeal to new monasticism, I believe). And today I rip a page out of David Foster Wallace's book (badly, it should hardly be noted) for a guest post at Preston Yancey's blog (read it here). Hi is a renaissance man (and fellow writer at DS) who I have no doubt will be quite famous in a few. He is just one of those people. Preston started a cool series in which people engage their past selves, talk about whatever they want to (but usually it has a lot to do with God, with grace). I have a tin ear for dialogue, so I had a conversation with myself via footnotes. Check it out?

And BTW--what would you say to your past self?

On one last note, there is this:


Packing and moving today and tomorrow. I need prayers and coffee and chicken and waffles. In that order, I do believe. 

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