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Guest post

I'm over at Rachel Held Evan's blog today, guest posting on Women in the Bible. I picked Martha, because I have been thinking a lot about her saviour complex lately. Me and Martha gots a lot in common: we are both middle children, have more than a healthy dose of self-righteous indignation, and really really want to serve Jesus. It was fun writing this post. It hearkened just a little back to Bible college days. Also, RHE is the coolest. You can go check out the blog here.

Also, the baby turned 2 on Wednesday. I cannot believe it. We tried to do a purple hippo themed birthday party (and for some reason I became obsessed at the last minute with trying to get crafty, and made my own lace DIY crowns--which turned out to be really expensive, messy, and homely). These ghetto photo-booth shots kind of tell the whole story:

Have a great weekend, ya'll.

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