D.L. Mayfield

living in the upside-down kingdom


a list about sleep and the past 5 days:

  • 6= the average number of hours i have been getting this past week.
  • 10= the number of hours i need to feel non-monstrous.
  • 1=the number of nights the toddler has slept through the night.
  • 1=the number of days the toddler has taken a nap.
  • 3= the average number of cups of coffee being consumed by me.

a list of things i have received in the past week from people i have a). never met in real life or b). just met for the first time:

  • brownies
  • lip balm
  • very special chocolate
  • the most beautiful necklace in the world
  • washable markers (for the kid)
  • gorgeous clothes (for the kid)
  • an annie dillard book
  • the complete sermons of walter brueggemann
  • fair trade chocolate bars
  • hand lotion
  • corduroy book+bear (for the kid)
  • reeses peanut butter cups

and much more, actually. i sense a theme. i believe it is called "i have the nicest internet friends who know i need chocolate". also, the famous doctor jen came to visit! i was a little starstruck.

a list of pleasant children's music that both the child and i agree upon to listen to in the car:

a list of coping mechanisms, unedited:

  • crying
  • peppermint mocha creamer (don't judge, portland people)
  • call the midwife
  • re-reading harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
  • reading really old O! magazines that i got for .25 cents at the thrift store
  • walking in the leaves
  • being very honest in my prayers


the number of days until the husband comes home:

  • 3.5
  • but who's counting?

i would dearly love to continue in making lists but it is tedious and i don't have the brain capacity (or the luxury of a nap time) for any more. sorry.

but: here is an update for all of you who have been holding us up this week:

the husband is still in japan visiting his sister, who was in a car accident. thank you to all who have been in praying. her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous (she is awake, talking, has a sense of humor, got off her ventilator and feeding tube in record time, and is now being prepped to be moved to a rehabilitation center). i can't thank you enough for your outpouring of prayers and well-wishes, the chocolates and the phone calls. it is truly humbling to watch a miracle take place, and to see how the body of christ responds to carry those who don't have the strength.

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