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put not your trust in princes

as everyone is bloggin' and tweetin' about voting, i am going to link you to a column i wrote last year:

Four years ago, when filling out my ballot for president of the United States, I carefully penciled in the name “Jesus.” My husband did the same. Everybody was super annoyed at us. But this year, I will probably do it again. I’m young and rash and poor enough where this doesn’t seem to matter all that much. When it comes to voting for presidents, for lobbying for change, to making a difference!—there are some of us who are starting to look far outside of the political system. We take our cues from Jesus: who cares about strengthening our borders or cheaper oil or people “stealing” jobs? When God is your king it takes all the fun out of being patriotic, of having a small gospel, of tightening the boundaries of what makes us a citizen.

you can read the entire column here.

this year, more than in the past, i have struggled with what to do in terms of voting. i moved to a new state which is already decided in who it will elect president. i don't know enough about local politics yet to be as involved as i would like to be. i finally am meeting some of my neighbors and i asked one of them who they would vote for, if they were granted citizenship. she looked at me, threw up her hands, and said: "who can say?"

but for those who did/are voting, i pray that it is a day filled with gratitude for the privilege, and community in our democracy. if you vote for Obama, or Romney, or even Jesus, i pray you have a blessed day.

and that you go live it out.

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