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from http://bistropetit.tumblr.com/ The writing ebbs and flows. Some things are changing: no personal posts on the ol' blog (which frees up space for some fabulous guest posts, starting on Thursday). I've been journaling more, in my trusty little moleskin notebook, finally writing to an audience where I don't have to edit myself. I am slowly trudging along with my book, piece by piece. All in all, pulling back and regrouping is going well (3 weeks in, I might add).

But today I wanted to let you know about something NEW that I am involved in--writing for a site called Christ and Pop Culture. While this might seem out of left field, I really like the kind of stuff CandPC are writing about (srsly, go check out their year in review post) and I get to write a column about the kingdom of God and popular culture. Holla! I think it's a perfect blend of working on my writing skillz, but I get to write about all the ridiculous things I think about without stressing about the boundaries I need with my personal life. Win-win!

My first little "Of the Moment" piece is up today, about Jodie Foster's speech at the Golden Globes. I know, I can't believe that I watched the Golden Globes either. But take a look, why don't you? It actually got pretty poignant all up in there.

(PS, feel free to find me on FB if you would like updates on the various little pieces I write. I will try not to clutter the blog up with it all)

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