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Monday Funday

me and banksy. #crazyferretlady. April! This marks 3 whole months of me not-blogging-my-feelings. The decision to host/curate a conversation on War Photographers (sharing hard stories that aren't necessarily our own) was one of the best things I have done. The posts have been epic, thought-provoking, smart and sassy. And in the free space alloted me, I started journaling. I am reading books like I am starving. I run and alternately listen to podcasts or charismatic worship music, sorting my thoughts out as I pound the pavement. It has been nothing short of fabulous. And it isn't going to stop anytime soon--I have so many more AMAZING writers coming your way over the next couple months of Thursdays, that I could just die of excitement. Prepare yourself as best as you can.

For this Monday I thought I would link up to a few things today. This not-blogging-thing has been awesome as far as allowing me time to write other stuff in my limited space (read: one night or so a week).

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a response to the Christianity Today cover story on the New Radicals. Shane Claiborne basically endorsed my take on it (which, to be honest, thrilled me). Here is the piece. Take a look?

On Good Friday I was over at A Deeper Church, sharing some of my observations on Holy Week in the neighborhood. ReKnew.org re-posted it, which was really great of them. Speaking of Banksy, (both ferrets and the artist himself), did you see this fake that appeared in London this past weekend? I love it.

A few weeks ago I also wrote a little bit about my journey with food over at the lovely website Renew and Sustain (seriously, I love this site). I have been astonished with how much cooking and shopping and eating have taken up space in my brain. Maybe I am just desperate for tangible ways to see good happen . . . whatever the case, this was near and dear to my heart.

And . . . with my oodles of free time 2 not-brain-dead writing hours this week i decided to tackle something else.

yeah, that's right. the outline to my book. it is time to get serious about this, people. i have been pecking away at it, but without a good outline it felt messy and unmanageable, like a Blob or Amorphous Thing that threatened to swallow me up. I think I got an outline that sticks, which makes me happy.

So there is my writing update. Don't forget that I tend to post this stuff on Twitter or on the ol' FB page, but not so much here. And stick around for the killer guest posts coming this way.

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