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THE WONDER YEARS IS coming (or, the year 2013 in fake status updates)

Picture 30

So, today is the last day of 2013. I have the flu, naturally. So instead of some insightful meditation on the past and a hopeful reflection on the future, I am just going to post a bunch of screen shots assembled from the What Would I Say? app, which takes your FB statuses and creates new ones. It is a time suck. It is also the best thing for insecure narcissists who have the flu! You should go to there. But first, read these fake/yet strangely based in reality “statuses” from me.

I was super into humblebrags:

Picture 2





Picture 9

Picture 22

Picture 29

Picture 20

I had a lot of sage advice/poetic reflections:

Picture 3





Picture 4

What? I truly want to know. Why did I leave myself hanging like that?




Picture 16

Picture 17

Picture 26

i want to know what those are.

I had some suggestions for the world:

Picture 6





Picture 7





Picture 12


Some of these fake statuses were surprisingly accurate:

Picture 10

yup. I did that. for reals. a lot.




Picture 11






Picture 13

pretty sure that actually all happened.




Picture 19


Picture 27

always. except downward mobility.

Picture 15

so many of these were about polish dogs. and Ghandi, weirdly enough.




Picture 18

well, i prefer "thrifty".




Picture 23

what? ok.




Picture 24





Picture 25





Picture 28

hmmm. maybe this one should be in the humblebrag category?




I was super into pop-culture/spiritual status mash-ups.

Picture 31




Picture 33





Picture 32




Picture 34

(this one is for Addie)




Aaaaaand here it is:

Picture 14

are you ready?



Picture 35

and that, my friends, was 2013.





(thanks to Marilyn Gardner for introducing me to this delightful app).





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