D.L. Mayfield

living in the upside-down kingdom

day 30

today my husband took the baby out to run some errands, to give me some peace and quiet. he told me they went to a bagel shop to split a snack. while sitting there, he couldn't help but overhear two older gentlemen talking about refugees, and muslims in particular. he thought he heard snippets of the conversation float his way--something about the commander in chief being a muslim, something about people needing to be sent back--so my husband ambled over and introduced himself. he told the men that working with muslim refugees changed his life, that muslim refugees are a blessing, not a curse. the men were surprised, and then went on to talk about their churches and the ministries they were involved in. they wanted to keep talking and talking, my husband said, but eventually he told them he had to go.

I want to end this month of blogging about gratitude in the midst of great sadness on a bang, I want it to be momentous. but I am afraid that is not how life actually works. for the next good long while this is what our life of grateful resistance to the empire of fear looks like. it looks like inserting yourself into conversations when people need to be reminded that their are lives at stake. it looks like paying attention and speaking up. it means resisting with your entire life a culture of fear and hatred and indifference and self preservation. it means a commitment to reconciliation, even when it seems so hard to dream of.

thanks for reading along. thank you for practicing being grateful, and awake. here's to advent: may we learn to wait for a kingdom of love to be established; may we see glimpses of it in the here and now. 


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