D.L. Mayfield

living in the upside-down kingdom


today i was going to write a long and dramatic instagram post and it was going to hopefully end up being inspiring and hopeful or something like that. but before i could type out all the words on my little phone my son crawled up in my lap and inserted himself right into my space. he stared into my eyes, inches away. pretend i am a donkey and i am chewing gum really, really slowly he said, deadly serious. i tried not to laugh but it was difficult. i did try and pretend he was a little donkey with a little piece of gum. and i put away my phone, which is probably really all that he wanted. and i took it as a sign to not post on instagram for the day. i took it as a sign that God thinks all of the things i post on social media are bizarre and adorable. i took it as a sign to take that desire to connect with people and focus it on the one in front of me, cupping my chin in his grubby little hand.

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