D.L. Mayfield

living in the upside-down kingdom


today was a tie between:


the van i saw stopped on the edge of the road, which made me fear there was something wrong, an accident. but the driver was outside of the van, holding up his cellphone to the sky. above him the largest bald eagle in the world swooped and glided on a terribly otherwise boring stretch of industrial road. i gasped because it was so beautiful and my children craned their necks to see but they couldn’t. i told my husband “that eagle has the largest wingspan i have ever seen.” my son in the backseat took a slip of a broken balloon and blew noisily into it, insisting he could make a bigger wingspan with a torn piece of plastic and his own sheer will. “isn’t it ginormous?” he said, holding up the broken balloon, and we all laughed.


walking to the park after a busy day of friends and bake sales and parking lot carnivals. our neighbors across the street are one big family who bought two houses next to each other. today they were working on cars, pleasantly playing very loud music, most of it with loud bass lines and spanish lyrics. but when we were around the corner and i was marveling at yet another tree (because i am an old woman now and this is what i do) suddenly our neighbors were blasting “baby shark” and my children were shaking what the good lord gave them. later at the park an old russian grandma watched her two grandsons play and another family brought a bbq and were grilling up something delicious and teenagers had swarmed around the tiny skatepark and my daughter kept complaining that she smelled skunks everywhere (reader: it was not skunks she smelled but we have not told her about marijuana yet because she would be unbelievably self-righteous about it) and the sun was shining and i couldn’t believe that i get to live here.

i wonder if the more i notice the more i will be delighted. it seems like it is working out that way.

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