D.L. Mayfield

living in the upside-down kingdom


Today for the first time in over a decade i took a nap when i wasn’t sick. my brain is normally hyper-vigilant, always on guard (thank you, anxiety) but today I laid down for a moment while my son was sleeping and I woke up over an hour later, to the sound of rain and the gray sky outside my bedroom window. I enjoyed it for one full minute before I realized I needed to get up, wake up my child, get him a snack, go pick up my other child at school, then come home and finish the thousands of tasks I needed to do.

one minute. I took one minute to revel in the sleepy unconsciousness of having no responsibilities and no worries. one minute to listen to the rain in the middle of the day, and to only think about that. it was one minute of quite, groggy delight. one minute of being the child where i forgot who i was and who i needed to take care of.

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