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Poetry as Empire Resistance

the view outside my window right now. April, so cruel.  


April is national poetry month. My friend Amy is doing a link-up today, for non-poets to bravely reveal something they wrote. I view it as a form of Empire Resistance. World wants poets to be esoteric, unattainable, segregated from the commoners. But I think everybody can write poetry, because everybody can pay attention. It's basically just a Cliff Notes For Life--distilling the essence of noticing and feeling into short little words.

I don't have my MFA; I have barely read any poetry. But in my little journal I still sometimes find myself lost until I let the imagery take over. As my act of resistance, I will put one up here. The more I try and resist the urge to be palatable, wise in the ways of Empire, to be successful--the better it is for my soul. The world goes not well, but the kingdom comes. And one of the ways it comes is by being vulnerable, writing terrible poetry, and sharing it with others.

Go on over to Amy's site--and then why not put up one of your own poems? I promise you I will read it, and I will ask it to change me in some small way.




Sister Lawrence


Put a penny in your shoe they said

Remember the Lord all the day

A rubbing sore reminder

Of the presence, all around


Instead I turned my life to burlap

Rough and raw for  reddened skin

Instead of a penny, the poor and sick

Blurred vision, two worlds, one sun


I listen, hum, bless the sounds scraping

The irritants, the pepper, the ash

For every neighbor, the slow suicides

Copper prayers left on the ground


Child, your heart is made of corduroy

And the world is so full of burrs

Some days you collect them in the brambles

Let your Father pick them off one by one









*i was this close to naming the poem "Burlap to Corduroy". Christian band puns FTW.

Now seriously. Go resist the empire and write your own poem.







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