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hey guys. i don't always call attention to my other writings on the internet in this space, but today my column over at Christ and Pop Culture is deeply important to me. i am writing about abuse in Christian communities, and our need for awareness in regards to who abusers are and how long-standing their damage can be.  

i wish i didn't know so much about this subject. i wish i didn't need to tell you about it either. but would you take a look and commit to being vigilant in bringing darkness to light? can we change the myths we tell our children and ourselves and face the truth? can we speak openly about sexual abuse within our churches? it is my firm belief that only by being completely open will true peace and unity come. maybe you, like me, have been told otherwise. if you have--then i just want to say this: i'm so sorry for your experience.


and now is the time for everything to be made light.

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