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the best of right now.

Hey. I never remember to post these things at the end of the month so I wanted to recommend some things I have been into lately.

First, TV/Movies: Nothing. I hate everything right now. Except, Mad Men is seeming like it is redeemable these days. Zoobie Zoobie Zoo.

Music: Indie: Of Monsters and Men. Christian (like, to the MAX Christian): All Sons and Daughters (please, please check out the song "all the poor and powerless", which has been on a tearful repeat). Rolling-my-eyes-but-I-love-it: tie between Das Racist/Fun (I blame the husband for these two). Weirdest: s/s/s/ (that is son lux, sufjan, and serengeti).

Books: I am currently devouring Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. SO GOOD. It hurts my brain. In my words, the book is about the meaning of life and the meaning of suffering (the entire first half is Victor's account of his time in the concentration camps). Riveting, haunting, and makes me feel like a better person after reading.

Best thing on the Internet: This post (in response to the TIME magazine cover hoopla, but also very timely for Mother's Day). The Only Mommy-War Worth Fighting.

Food: Thai food from that one Thai food cart downtown. Also, Funfetti blizzards from DQ. Also, lucky charms for dinner when life is really too stressful.

Please, please share your best of right now. I know you have them.

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