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Lent, week 2: Possessions

I knew this week wouldn't be terribly difficult. We have been trying to wean off our dependence on new "stuff", plus we are most certainly probably maybe moving in a couple of months. So getting rid of stuff is a no-brainer! And it feels so freeing. In a frenzy from reading 7, I gave away half of all of our clothes 3 weeks ago, and I don't really seem to miss very much. Plus, I want to transition to dressing like an actually adult, not just wearing a bunch of ill-fitting bargains from a thrift store. So, now I just pretend like I am packing for a trip to Europe. A couple of pairs of jeans, some Danskos and some Toms, some long sleeved black shirts and a scarf or two are all you need for the winter. It feels good to simplify.

And, as sad as it was, we got rid of a TON of books. I kept about 2 bookshelves worth, mostly non-fiction, because I realize you can't take it all with you.

As for the rest of our stuff--I will have to tackle it this week. We have been house sitting out in Clackamas which has made it a challenge to sort through our own sorry apartment.

Things that were hard this week: Baby ran out of bubble bath during day one, much to her chagrin. Baby started walking (thank you Jesus!!!!!!) this week and she only has one pair of shoes which we kept losing. I have not been clothes shopping since January (I have not even stepped inside of a thrift store) and I am starting to get grumpy about it (I am going to try and keep this up all of Lent). I love bargain hunting!

But overall, it was pretty easy. We just aren't in a position to be hoarding anything right now. Plus, I lost one of my jobs on Friday, which was a good reminder of how fragile finances can be. If we keep running a tight ship it won't be a problem, and I actually think this is a nudge from the Spirit telling me that I DO have more time now for my community.

Cheater Confession: The refugee girls I have been working with forever came over for a sleepover. Their mom asked me to buy them unmentionables, so I did. They very rarely ask for things like that, and I didn't think twice about breaking the fast. The bad part is that we went to Walmart to get the stuff, because I just don't know where to buy sweatshop free bras/underwear/socks. And you know what? Target is just as bad as Walmart (actually, they give less money away but use the same horrid labor practices) but because they have better marketing everybody goes to Target and looks up their noses at Walmart. So maybe this was my small way of rebelling? I don't know, I feel conflicted about it.

Aaaaand, just to keep it real: We went to IKEA yesterday. But only bought a kids meal. The weather is so awful (rain! slush! snow!) and we just couldn't mall walk. So we put the one pair of shoes the baby owns on (they are from China--thanks grandparents!--and they squeek) and walked the tarnation out of that child. It was very cute. And there were lots of things on sale but I wasn't even tempted.


Tomorrow: Week number 3! No Media Week! I am freaking out about this one!

what a lovely swedish bedroom!

Food and Faith

Wow, I got an awesome response back from people who want to get in on this Lent Experiment (you can read more about it here). How exciting! It is so much better to do this type of stuff together.

Lent starts on Wednesday, and in order to prep for a week of no eating out (including coffee!) I would suggest going to the grocery store today or tomorrow. Or, you could be really hardcore and just commit to eat from your pantry/freezer! If you are going to do the fasts, think about writing it down and sharing here in the comments, so we can all be encouraged (this would be a great time to set up a blog, hint hint).

I will be posting more on Wednesday about the first week and what I plan to do and share a little how much my relationship with buying food has changed in the past year. Also: who wants to come over for coffee in the next week? I am serious.


On a completely different topic . . .

The baby has her 18 month appointment tomorrow and is still not walking. She has taken some steps but as a general rule she Does.Not.Want.To.Walk. A doctor friend of mine commented on her lack of calf muscles (but boy does that girl have some thigh muscles) and it looks like we are going to have to step it up in the leg exercise department. In the past week we have done everything we can to "trick" her into standing--making her stand while eating, reading books, watching Sesame Street--and we have seen a little improvement. It's hard to be in a place where I am not sure if I should be worried and what exactly I should be worried about. We should know more tomorrow, but I am nervous about the appointment. Prayers would be appreciated.

Super Short

An update:

Since I wrote about the baby not walking here on the internets, she has decided to prove me wrong. For the past several days she has been taking a few steps every day. We are still not running around, but that image is now a distinct possibility. Yay!

Also, after I got all spiritual about our ghetto workout room, of course my Somali friend had to come and egg me on when I was running the other day. She stayed and talked to me for 20+ minutes, about anything that popped into her head. My favorite: "You are getting too skinny. Your husband is going to run away from you. You will get so skinny he doesn't even know you, so that is why he will run away."

Thanks, I guess?


All in all this has been a pretty anxiety-filled week. Which leads to sleepless nights and bleary mornings and possibly eating-entire-pans-of-brownies (I'm just saying). Our future is still as uncertain as ever, and I get a little despondent when I don't know what it is exactly I am supposed to be dreaming about. 


Baby update

So . . . here is something I have put off writing down:

The baby is still not walking.

Every month I tell myself it will be this month. I was sure she would be walking by Thanksgiving. And then Christmas. And then by 17 months.

When the baby was sick over the break and we took her in to see the Dr, she very calmly told me that if the baby was not  by 18 months we would "need to have a chat". This really freaked me out.

The thing is, I don't really know babies. I don't pay attention to them very much, and only have vague notions about what is age appropriate (even during her newborn days, I thought all one-year-olds could walk and speak in sentences). So stuff doesn't really worry me until we are out with other babies, and I think: Hmmmm. My baby can't do that.

This only takes up a small portion of my brain. Because the baby is learning new things every day. She is whip smart, opinionated, already into pushing boundaries (mostly related to meal times and throwing food around like it is her job). She likes to laugh, and whine dramatically, and even plays pretend. She makes up her own signs for words she can't pronounce. She is obsessed with stars, and can spot them in advertisements or books faster than I can.

But she doesn't walk. She scoots around on her knees, and tries standing every now and again, but for the most part she hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in the thing. We are starting to get to the point where it is hard to lug her 22 lb body everywhere, and I know she would be happier if she could run around.

But waiting seems to be a part of our life right now, in all things big and small. So here's to waiting with grace, and hope, and perspective on the bigger picture.

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