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Christmas Promotion Time!

Merry December, y’all! Today it snowed for about 30 minutes, we got our janky lights put up outside our new-to-us-house, and I am currently laying down with an ice pack on my back as I try and type this out. So, you know, just living my best life now.

Ok, so obviously I am a working writer and as much as it is about the art and craft of it all, book sales do factor into the world of writing as well. Nobody likes self-promotion, but it’s just something us plebes have to do. So, in order to make it a little more fun, I decided to pair a bit of self-promotion with a gift that is both beautiful and strengthening. And while I don’t love consumerism and all that jazz, I do think that buying people books is one of the more fun (and beneficial!) things we can invest our money in. But hey—I am a reader and a writer, so I might be biased. 

I am going to keep this super simple, because that is how we roll. Here is the deal: if you buy my book for someone else for Christmas you get an awesome print to throw up on your wall for free. 



The story behind this print is that my good friend and co-conspirator Lindsey (who lives around the corner in our beloved apartment complex) gave me this Scripture on an index card. I kept it in my bathroom and stared at it every day. What if I believed it was true? What if I decided to live like I might one day see small signs of the kingdom of God in this day and age? Every time I looked at it, I could feel the promise sinking deep in my bones. Even in the midst of postpartum depression, an anxiety disorder, no money, publishing a book about my most vulnerable thoughts, listening to my neighbors share stories of trauma constantly . . . I started to believe it. Eventually, that index card got splashed one too many times by my rowdy children, so I asked my artist friend Emily if she could make a print for me.

This is what she came up with:



I know, right? And thanks to her generosity, she is offering up a free digital download of this print for me to give to anyone who buys my book for someone else for Christmas. (If my mother and/or my sisters are reading this then HI! THIS IS YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT, SORRY FOR THE SPOILERS)

So that’s it. If you already bought it for someone, that’s great! Just email me (dlmmcsweeneys @ gmail . com) and I will send you the link to the digital download. If you were thinking about buying Assimilate or Go Home as a present for someone, now is the time—it’s currently on sale on Amazon for under $9—but if you want to support a local business that is great too! We will just do this the honor code way and I will believe you at your word—no receipts necessary :) I also won’t tell if you read it first BEFORE you give it away to someone, but I did want the focus of this promotion to be on sharing the book with others.

Emily does gorgeous watercolors and prints over at her Etsy shop Coopey Creek. She also does custom work for very affordable prices. Please go check out her shop here. Also, her husband Paul wrote a book about the Holy Spirit that I dearly love. You can find that right here.


Thank you for reading along, and making it through this self-promotional post :) I'm so grateful for all of the connections I've made here. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what this stunning print looks like on your walls!










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