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all hail the refugee king

  the hubs took this rad picture of our tree.

Are you sick of reading about Christmas-related stuff yet? I hope not, because I have one piece I want you to read.

I'm over at A Deeper Church today talking about what it means to hail the refugee king. As many of you know, several months ago we up and moved to the exotic midwest, far from friends and church and family. It isn't exactly the end of the world, but sometimes it feels like it is. Shedding off so many layers of our built-up lives has been painful, costly (in many ways we did not expect), and worth it, without a doubt.

In many ways I wonder where this journey will end (thank goodness, that isn't for me to know). We all have invisible lines we will not cross--I will not put my child in danger, give up my morning coffee, say goodbye to my family (just as, you know, "theoretical" examples). And I'm not saying you have to jump those lines just yet; but what if you simply started to wonder about what you might be missing out on, while you keep your hands held tight over your eyes and ears.

We visited a church this past Sunday and the sermon was on "Jesus as a Refugee". It was so lovely to hear it from a pulpit, gray heads nodding in agreement, candle lights flickering in the background. The pastor also showed a clip from God Grew Tired of Us, an amazing documentary detailing the experiences of several Lost Boys of Sudan. Here is the clip, which juxtaposes the recently arrived-refugees experiences with American Christmas and how they celebrated in their refugee camp (Kakuma, where many of my friends lived for years and years). It just made me sob:

  [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZvwm3TJXNo]


After that clip, the worship band ended with a song by Rich Mullins, "My Deliverer", which left both the husband and I with Ugly Cry Face big time. I used to play that song and pray it over my refugee friends, all the time.


So all of this to say, the concepts of refugees and Christmas have been swirling around my brain. So I wrote about.



Head on over and check it out? Don't be shy, now.

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