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day 14

It was late start Monday but I was going to drive my daughter to school because it was so rainy. But when we went outside it turns out I had locked my keys in the car the day before, so we had to change plans and walk in the rain. The baby loved it, God bless him, and my daughter was happy with her Finding Nemo umbrella. On the way back I got to walk with two mothers, one from Myanmar and one from Somalia, and we talked fast and furious for those ten minutes. My friend from Somalia carried her baby on her back in a sling and wore a rain poncho--the baby's head poked out of an armhole. She was like a little owl, huge eyes and a pouty, pointed lip, black curls hidden underneath a wool beanie. Her older sister walked with us, she was too young to be in school as well, she sucked on a juice box and smiled every time I caught her eye. We got to my house first, and both me and my baby quite wet. The four-year-old yelled goodbye to me as they continued to walk down the street, and you know what? I was grateful for the chance to be with others on such a dreary day. 

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