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the best of right now.

Hey. I never remember to post these things at the end of the month so I wanted to recommend some things I have been into lately.

First, TV/Movies: Nothing. I hate everything right now. Except, Mad Men is seeming like it is redeemable these days. Zoobie Zoobie Zoo.

Music: Indie: Of Monsters and Men. Christian (like, to the MAX Christian): All Sons and Daughters (please, please check out the song "all the poor and powerless", which has been on a tearful repeat). Rolling-my-eyes-but-I-love-it: tie between Das Racist/Fun (I blame the husband for these two). Weirdest: s/s/s/ (that is son lux, sufjan, and serengeti).

Books: I am currently devouring Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. SO GOOD. It hurts my brain. In my words, the book is about the meaning of life and the meaning of suffering (the entire first half is Victor's account of his time in the concentration camps). Riveting, haunting, and makes me feel like a better person after reading.

Best thing on the Internet: This post (in response to the TIME magazine cover hoopla, but also very timely for Mother's Day). The Only Mommy-War Worth Fighting.

Food: Thai food from that one Thai food cart downtown. Also, Funfetti blizzards from DQ. Also, lucky charms for dinner when life is really too stressful.

Please, please share your best of right now. I know you have them.

A Vulnerable Post

I loved this post this morning (again at Jessica's blog, this time written by her friend Constance--also, is it just me or do a lot of cool people live in Texas????). And it got me thinking about all the ways I strive to NOT make myself vulnerable in my life. I can't really write about the nitty gritty details of working with refugees on the internets, for many reasons. Suffice it to say, in some of the populations I am in contact with, the amount of sadness and oppression is threatening to swallow me whole. On Sunday I cried all throughout the service, feeling so powerless. And then, of course, there was this amazing sermon on prayer and I left feeling empowered and determined to keep going.


Besides the emotional toll of living life with people (some of who are in desperate and tragic circumstances), sometimes I am overwhelmed by how petty I can be when it comes to giving up stuff.


It can be simple, like the fact that I am really careful not to cook beef whenever my Hindu friends are over (which is becoming more and more common). Or that I now mentally budget in a "hospitality" section under grocery money, for fruit and biscuits when people drop by. Or how I have to keep my apartment cleaner for the same reason (when really, I am fine with living in a certain amount of filth messiness, i.e. you can't ever see my bedroom floor). I have to grind my own spices in order to make chai the way people like it.

How I have to let go of schedules and preferences for my own daughter in the presence of others (it seems someone is always shoving something sugary in her mouth). I (sometimes) dress her in the princess-themed sweat suits that my neighbors/students love to buy her but make me cringe.

I try hard to dress modestly at all times, but sometimes I would like to waltz around in yoga pants and a tank top and call it good. I glance at fashion blogs now and then but despair when I realize 90% of fashionable clothes need to be modified to make them refugee appropriate. So I give up and wear jeans and sweatshirts all the time.

I scrimp and save and work part-time and am quite vocal about doing without and work towards being more of a giver and not such a hoarder, and then I go and sit in my neighbors apartments and silently covet the iphones they were coerced into buying but don't know how to use, the $200 water coolers that every family now inexplicably owns, marvel at their derision towards any car that doesn't look brand-new. I am jealous, sometimes, of their things, have a little pity party for myself every now and again.


It is amazing how small-minded I can be. How it is a constant struggle, to close myself off and live as selfishly as I want.


There are winds changing in our future, directions being pursued where our lives would have to change even more drastically. What would be hard for me to give up? (I already know some of the answers: coffee every morning, bi-annual trips to H&M, Mad Men). Now I am in the process of analyzing why it would be so hard for me to give up these things. And how sad it would be if these trappings kept me from bringing the kingdom of God.


Does anyone else think like this too? Did Lent dredge up any surprises for you?

What would be hard for you to give up?


PS: Tomorrow I am posting a Holy Week(end) Playlist. So stay tuned!

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