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On being missional, and on leaving (oh, the irony).

Oooh, getting all fancy and theological over at A Deeper Church today, writing about the weirdly popular word "missional". I have read arguments about how this word has icky connotations (which it does, totes) but it also seemed to miss the mark of all the people I had observed who were living out this life instead of writing treatises about it. The people I know who would be classified by the church as "missional" are not colonizers. They are mustard seeds, ground down in the dirt, trampled by the city and its inhabitants. They are a pinch of yeast, spreading slowly through the bread, doing their work with little to no programs or specialized plans (hence, no recognition). Most of my favorite people are unglamorous  hilarious, hardworking, celebratory, messy people. They are missional. I can only hope to be one of them.

You can read the piece here.

As a side note, in several days I will be immersed in the Moving Tornado. I don't know when I will have access to consistent internet again, so who knows when I will blog again. Things have worked out to such a degree that me, the hubs, one of my besties, AND my sister are caravanning out to the exotic midwest, so it is seeming more and more like a grand party/adventure. This is helping.

It is also helping that I am completely emotionally shut down. Apartment fell through? No problem. Transmission acting funny? Whatevs. Saying goodbye to people I have lived/worked with for 8 years? Ok, that's fine.

Sigh. I do think at some point during the drive out I am going to put some Steven Curtis Chapman in on the ol' car stereo and sob my guts out.

I'm divin' in, guys.

The Best of Right Now

Hey all. Here's a little recap of for all ya'lls with some free time.

Reading: Ok, so this is totally random, but I picked up Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman (wife of THE Steven Curtis--the crush of my childhood). It is essentially their story of grief and loss--their 17 year old son accidentally ran over their 5 year old daughter in 2008, killing her. The emotions it brought up in me were SO strong. I seriously sobbed my guts out. Their daughter was adopted from China, and the stories of how they came to get her (and two other girls from China) got me dreaming about adoption in a big way. And realizing that life is so short and so fragile, that we need to be living like it is a great adventure at all times. Get it? The great adventure? I have been getting teary and singing old Steven Curtis songs to myself ever since I read this book.

Listening: Nothing new here. Gotye. Rend Collective Experiment. Gungor. Mewithoutyou. And, obviously, Steven Curtis Chapman. (If anyone reading this listens to these same 6 bands in serious rotation, I will eat my hat. Or give you a bag of Spicy Hot Cheetos. Your pick).

Watching: First, every one should watch this short film: [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/40000072 w=400&h=225]

Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

The amount of imagination found in this little boy is staggering, and made me so joyful.

Secondly, I just started watching the new Sense and Sensibility (well, a BBC television production from 2008). I am only 20 minutes in, but it seems great. Aaaannd, guess who is in it?

I know! For those in need of a Downton Abbey fix, I am recommending this. Although, to be fair, I am only 20 minutes in (the baby is taking VERY short naps these days).


So maybe this isn't a real category, but it should be. With all the hoopla about Blue Like Jazz coming out, I thought this piece (by the real life Penny--who edited some of my stuff for BWC and seems like a really nice person) was very honest and nuanced and, well, made me think a lot.

I also loved this little post about taking the long view of motherhood--especially when you are in the trenches of feeding/sleeping issues. It got me dreaming and thinking about cultivating things like compassion, justice, and inclusion. Which is much more important than whether or not she is being a good napper.

Going: All you Portland people, attention please. The HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME tour is coming to Portland! It is basically a spin off of a widely popular panel at the Justice Conference where black men tackle some of the more pressing issues facing the church today. Racism is real, the gaps are getting wider, and I can't wait to learn from these men.

The kick off event is at my home church, the Well, this friday night. I think it starts at 7pm? I have to teach, so we will be catching the panel at Imago Dei, where they are having the panel speak at all 4 Sunday services. I am inviting you to come! If you don't live in Portland, check out the FB page for the tour--maybe they are coming to where you are.

Ok, there is the mash-up post of things I have been loving lately. I hope you enjoy!

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