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day 15

here is where we are the same: some days we believe God is in control, some days we can't sleep at night due to the terror of the things said by the man who is now the most powerful in the world. some days we ping back and forth between these emotions within an hour. 

here is where we are different: they are Muslim, they wear headscarves, they are working hard to learn English, or already mastered it, they have non-white skin, they have family members who are desperate to visit but now are devastated. 

here is where we are the same: we both like ginger. oh, it has taken me so many years to finally find something I can bake that my friends will like. for so many years I made my rainbow-tastic funfetti and tried not to mind when only the children ate it. I liked it so much, you see, and it seemed so festive and celebratory, me sharing my culture. but my friends and neighbors didn't really like it. so now I make ginger molasses cookies and bring them to share and three women from Somalia today invited themselves over to my house so they could watch me make them. they want to make them for their children. they liked that they were soft and chewy and not too sweet and full of spicy flavor. I put extra ginger in the cookies, because I knew they would like it. it has taken me so many years to get here, ginger cookies instead of funfetti, thinking of others in small ways before myself. oh Lord, how long will it take me to be like you?

I suppose I am grateful you will not tell me the answer to that question.




psssst: I wrote a manifesto for creating Radical Spaces of Welcome for Sick Pilgrim and I wrote about how refugees can help us move forward post-election for Red Letter Christians. Also, I highly recommend anyone who is struggling (as I have been, and still am) with feeling like it is the end of days to read this post by Jonathan Martin. It will knock your socks off. 


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