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Lent 2017: Listen


1. I live in a neighborhood which is full of scared and sad kids. Maybe you are not like me. Maybe you don't know anyone who is scared or sad about their family being ripped apart. If this is you, then I can't think of anything better than listening to the first 11 minutes of this podcast. You will meet a little girl who is trying very hard not to be scared. Maybe, just maybe, she can be the one to help you understand what God's kingdom is like, and that it is full of compassion and mercy. 

Click here to listen to the prologue of Vague and Confused, the most recent episode of This American Life (or download where ever you normally listen to podcasts). 


2. There is a lot of debate about immigration, and this episode follows a very interesting (and complicated) case. I loved this podcast because it focuses on someone who is not the "perfect" case, and therefore throws some more complexities in there. Stick around until the end, when the hosts interview a libertarian economist who is both a Christian and is pro open borders (on both an economic and moral basis). Fascinating. 

Click here it listen to listen to the episode Encore Plus: Who is A Good Immigrant, Anyway? by CodeSwitch at NPR. 


3. And finally, my husband and I started recording our long-talked about podcast where we discuss Adventures in Odyssey episodes. He's a huge AiO nerd and I am . . . not so much. Our third podcast discusses an episode set in Venezuela, and brings up interesting themes in regards to how our American evangelicalism has been shaped to intervene in inequalities and injustice elsewhere while willfully ignoring those that happen in our own country (discrimination, or health care, for instance). Listen along and see if you agree with us that American exceptionalism has been very damaging to our sense of morality.

Click here to listen to A Mission for Jimmy. You can also subscribe to The Prophetic Imagination Station wherever you listen to podcast. 


Thanks for listening with me. If you have any podcasts/sermons to share, please mention them in the comments. 



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