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The Prophetic Imagination Station Podcast


A podcast discussing dominant theology in Evangelical popular culture 

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The Prophetic Imagination Station is a podcast where DL and Krispin Mayfield listen to episodes of the Focus on the Family radio show Adventures in Odyssey and discuss the implications of the theology found in Christian media for kids (from the 1990s and beyond). 

Adventures in Odyssey is a popular radio show which has been broadcasting episodes for over 30 years. Vice President Pence is a fan, as are a lot of people who grew up in the self-described evangelical world. 

Season 3 (dropping May 6th, 2019) of The Prophetic Imagination Station will be recapping the 14-episode arc called The Ties that Bind which originally aired in 2014 as FOTF’s way of talking to families about issues of sexuality, gender, and Biblical norms. You can listen for free to the first AiO episode here, and check out all of the discussion questions here—but even if you don’t listen to the original episodes, The Prophetic Imagination Station will do the hard work of listening and parsing out the evangelical imagination when it comes to these important and complex issues with real life consequences. Plus, you won’t believe who shows up as a voice actor in this series!

Curious about the podcast? Check out one of our favorite episodes from season one, all about the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons (er, we mean Castles and Cauldrons). You can subscribe on itunes or soundcloud.


We don’t have advertising and don’t make money from this, it’s just a labor of love! We accept donations just to pay for the hosting costs :)

We love hearing from other awesome nerds, so feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or email us at propheticimaginationstation@gmail.com


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